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"Positioning Undset has been a difficult task for researchers, because her Catholicism and realism fall outside the liberal-national, feminist and modernist literary canon that accounts for most of Norwegian literature."*

And that's what I love about her!

*Liv Bliksrud, “Sigrid Undset: Prize for Literature, 1928”, in Olav Njølstad (ed.), Norske nobelprisvinnere: Fra Bjørnson til Kydland (Oslo: Universitetsforlaget, 2005), p. 187.

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Eva Van Strijp
Eva Van Strijp
23. Apr.

I'm reading her Escape to the Future at the moment. It's so different to her historical fiction but nonetheless a great read. I'm amazed that for something published in 1942, she didn't get knocked off for what she said about the Germans and Russians.

Gefällt mir
25. Apr.
Antwort an

I don't think they had a chance. She stayed in the New York till the end of the war (spoiler!) and died four years after she returned. She'd already written quite a lot about the German race theories and her books had been banned since the mid-1930's.

Gefällt mir
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