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Sigrid Undset should be better known beyond the literary critics and scholars of Nobel prizes. She should be known for her works beyond the great Kristen Lavransdatter trilogy. She should be known not just for her fiction, but for her essays and social commentary. This is in part the purpose of this new blog: to introduce the reader to the extensive body of work of this great Norwegian.


The second reason is more selfish: I am a PhD candidate and Undset is my subject. I wish to explore her life and works; to plumb the depths of her psyche that was profoundly human, realist, and eventually Catholic. It was this last characteristic that informed the second half of her life and works and impelled her into a literary apostolate that was "all in on the Catholic thing". She was no saint in the popular understanding of the term and would have abhorred the very idea of it, but it was her adopted Catholic Faith that informed her thought. This blog will attempt to flesh out that Catholic thought of Sigrid Undset.


The regularity of posts might be erratic. They might consist of insightful quotes by Undset on some topic or other. They might be observations about her from other writers or those who knew her. It is to be hoped that over time my own observations will become more predominant and that your own comments and insights will be of help to me in writing my thesis. For now, however...


Få en kopp te og gjør deg komfortabel!



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